What will Concept Home Theatre do for your Business?

Automation & Control

Bring your entire business to your fingertips from anywhere. Automation and control has multiple benefits people don’t often consider.

Automation provides you the ability save massive cost on your energy bills. Never worry about having the lights left on. It’s an ROI you didn’t expect to find. That’s what home automation gives you.

If you’re considering adding technological upgrades to your workspace, control it all instantly and easily with Automation & Control.

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High Performance Audio/Video

There’s tons of high performance audio and video technology out there. We’ve seen it all and tested it and can provide you the best options for your business.

High Performance Audio/Video can reinvent your meeting, presentation, boardroom or retail spaces into modern experiences. It’ll give you the ability to wow not just your customers and team, but also yourself. Quality and performance aren’t as far away as you think.

Take advantage of what’s available now whether you want high quality audio or installing a new projector screen. We can provide you with a solution that fits you.

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Lighting & Shade Control

One of the features you can take advantage of but many people seldom do is lighting and shade control.

Lighting and shade control will provide you an ROI in energy savings. Automate and monitor the lighting of your building from anywhere in the world. You’ll have control and savings of your entire building from the palm of your hand. 

Get convenience and ROI in one solution, contact us now to learn more about lighting and shade control.

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Security & Entry Control

Take your building’s security to the next level with our security and & entry control systems. With a fully integrated system you can have a single point to monitor your surveillance and entry controls for your business.

Wireless entry controls will let you control who has access to your building, anytime, anywhere. Imagine being able to control access to your office, but any building your company owns. 

We offer a full range of top-of-the-line security and monitoring technology to let you focus on the big picture.

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Although there is an increasing demand for wireless technology. Hardwired solutions still provide the best long term future-proofing for your workspace.

Pre-wiring allows you the best advantage for planning out your technological integration of your workspace.

Our business began with pre-wiring, you could say we’re experts. Contact us for a free consultation.

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LED Lighting Solutions

Concept Home Theatre is the leading provider of Rimikon Extra-Low Voltage LED Lighting in Ottawa.

Rimikon LED lights are industry leading lights in safety, energy savings and lifetime. With multiple lighting options available you can light your entire workspace with the power usage that you used to use on a handful of lightbulbs..

Our partnership with Rimikon is very special and important to us as it allows us to provide our customers with the LED lighting solutions they deserve!

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A reovlutionary change to static signage for businesses.. SnapLite.

SnapLite has increased in-store traffic for its early adopters by as much as 25%. Get the new static signage solution that is safe, simple and can be changed in matter of seconds. 

Lead the way in your industry by switching to SnapLite.

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